Thought i had to wait for the story event again. (Use "TIGER" for 15% OFF) Tiger Squad … Type Ki +4, HP, ATK and DEF +100%: Minus Energy Power Ball (Extreme) Causes immense damage to enemy and greatly lowers ATK & DEF, high chance to Stun: Evil Domination: ATK & DEF +90%; all enemies' ATK -40%, additional -20% for Super Class enemies; If facing a "Shadow Dragon Saga" Category enemy who is not in the "Fusion" Category, Forsee enemy's Super Attacks By secondary I mean the units that get an EZA the second time the EZB comes around like AGL Kid Buu, AGL Golden Frieza, STR Beerus, etc. level 2. Which is why if Beerus gets a second EZA I would put money on it being the Agl versions, since it … Umpire of Annihilation Beerus Max Lv SA Lv Rarity Type Cost 120/140 1/15 42 31 May 2016 17 Oct 2016, and Type HP& ATK+30% God of Destruction's Edict God of Destruction's Edict (Extreme) Causes supreme damage to enemy and lowers DEF[1] Rival's Recognition High chance[2] of ATK+200% All Types Ki+3 and HP, ATK& DEF+60% Causes supreme damage and greatly lowers DEF[3] … Visit UltraDokkanDiscount NOW! Both of these EZAs look absolutely incredible! ... Wow i forgot the medals drop in that event. He also has a powerful ATK and DEF passive that lets him stack his Super ATK Buffs endlessly. Overall, Beerus is an interesting Card, and a great addition to Worthy Rivals teams, but won’t work nearly as great elsewhere, and is usually better benched for the TEQ EZA … Aside from units EZA'ing from past EZAs (STR Beerus getting his EZA from TEQ Beerus medals for example) we just have STR Cell (though he's literally getting his EZA tonight), STR Omega, AGL SSBKK Goku, AGL SV, TEQ Merged Zamasu and the 7 unit EZA which I heard is coming in February though hopefully I heard wrong and it comes later this month. Int Beerus likely doesn't need one desperately either. The Evil Ruler of Beerus' Planet | Legend of Beerus Race Episode 2 … Want a STACKED Dokkan account?! Its usually cards who are related to the original EZA unit. Video Title: TEQ BEERUS FINALLY GETS HIS EZA! Every once in a while, EZA events get an update to add more units onto the list of which ones can get an EZA from the same medals. AGL and PHY Ultimate Gohan were … As a cherry on top, he gets a powerful AoE with a Heal at exactly 11 Ki, making this Card a very versatile option for many game modes. COMPLETING ALL 30 STAGES! Like, STR SS3 Goku was added to the AGL SS3 Goku event. Beerus deserved an EZA, and he got a weird one, instead of fixing his unreliable ATK Buff, he got a solid DEF Buff and a Support Passive instead. I have pretty much every single unit that can be EZA’d, but haven’t really given it much thought aside from the top tier ones such as PHY Gotenks and TEQ Buff Buu. STR Cell is a great team mate for Extreme Cards, either via his great Links or his Leader Skill. YOU CAN FARM STR SS3 EZA MEDALS NOW ON GLOBAL! Str Beerus is a thing and could potentially be a monster with an EZA, but doesn't desperately need one like other cards. What's even worse is not having 20/20 hindsight and not getting an EZA Beerus so that you could link him with your LR Beerus, especially when you got STR Gogeta that you can't even use on any teams really.

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