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Trains & Boats & Planes, Oh My! -- Trailer

Trains & Boats & Planes, Oh My!
- - - Confessions of a globetrotting songstress

Video Stage

These are videos of my past shows, special appearances, and other fun times.  You can watch the videos by clicking on the play symbol over the image. Click on the 4-point star in the lower right to bring the video up to the full screen of your monitor. To get back to your normal view, click on the 4-pointed star to the left of the "vimeo" word or press the "esc" key.

A Most Unusual Christmas Album

Hey Karen, I just played your "A Most Unusual Christmas" album while I was going through my e-mails and was able to really listen without interruption ... It is really fabulous!! ... So many great numbers and love the arrangements. Girl, you sound great! I know I've played it many times before but you know me, always multi-tasking and you don't always 'get it' when you're only half listening. Simply put -- Love it!
Sunday, February 19, 2012
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